Livin' through Lent, or I Don't Think Chocolate Frosting for Breakfast is What They Had in Mind for Meatless Fridays.....

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Hi ya'll! (If there are any "ya'll" left after such an extended absence!)

Sorry for the radio silence, but this is one of those Lents that it hasn't been necessary for me to actually give up something in order to get a little mortification going. Things both large and small are conspiring to keep me in touch with the Lord at all times.

As Smock alluded to in an earlier post, my sweet mama fell and broke her hip on Feb 20. She called us on that Monday night, after spending an hour crawling to the phone. We rushed over, assessed the situation, and called 911. My mother suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)--has less than 27% of normal lung function and is on oxygen 24/7. Doing surgery is always problematical--because of the anesthesia. Fortunately, surgery was possible with an epidural and light general anesthesia. It took her far longer to recover and move to rehab, but she is there now--and will be until about the 22nd of this month. It's gonna be a long haul, and my mama is not the most patient of women (and I am?). Bless us all and help us get this done.

The same day my mother fell, I took an elderly friend that we help watch over to the doctor--a regular checkup with the pulmonologist because she also has COPD. Unfortunately, there was a new spot on her lung. So she's had to have a CAT scan, a visit with the doctor after that (fortunately her son came in from overseas for part of this), and a needle biopsy yesterday. It doesn't look good, and I don't know what will happen if she decides to have chemo or radiation. I don't see how our church group that helps her can gear up for care like that--and her son and his wife will be back in the Ukraine until the middle of July. I'm just "jumping off one bridge at a time" as a sweet friend of mine always said.

Topping that off have been other trials. My dad was sick--sick enough that he couldn't be at the hospital for several days (and if you knew him you would know how sick that was!) during the first of my mom's hospitalization.

McKid has been throwing up for the past three days. Oh, throwing up and getting hives. And running a temp. And being justifiably crabby. Sigh.

PapaC is also sick--and even went to the doctor. I'll leave you wives to marvel at how bad he must have felt to take his Y chromosome self the the doc-in-the-box.

One of my dearest friends is in distress--they want to test her darling grandbaby for austistic spectrum disorder. She is crushed.

Zteen's good friend was admitted to the psych hospital for depression. She's out now, and doing much better. But it was a worry.

KidC, a little boy I watch in the afternoon and a real problem child, has dumped himself into even deeper trouble with stuff he has done around our house. I am troubled that nothing seems to work for this kiddo--and it doesn't seem like the new program he is in is actually turning around his behavior. We may no longer be able to help, and it breaks my heart.

The list goes on, with things larger and smaller.

But it's like Smock said: Yeah, it's one of those Lents.

Boy, is it.


You are having a hard time. I do like the 'jumping off the bridge' metaphor because that is me too.

Re; your friend with COPD/possibly cancer. The American Cancer Society and other groups can help with transportation and other help for her. Her oncologist's staff will have contact info (and I pray it doesn't come to visiting an oncologist).
There may be a Cancer Cares type group within the local churches too.

My mom broke her hip in 2001 and I was told she'd never walk again. I insisted they treat her as if she would walk again - and she does. No evidence in her gait of the break. We did see a hastening of the dementia at this point however.

Hang in there - you must just want to go to bed with a good book for a few hours of R & R.


Wow! That surely is "one of those Lents" and I am so sorry to hear all that hard news. I've missed y'all around and was just hoping that you were busy with good things.

Hey, I'm close enough ... need something? Email me and I'll give you my phone number so you can call if you need to for emergency back up. :-)

Know what you mean about "one of those Lents".... I'm having one too.

I'm 17 weeks pregnant (the pg was a complete surprise) and I have hyperemesis gravidarum, or severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

I am literally fighting for this baby and me -- couldn't eat or drink, hospitalized for fluids 4 times, etc.

I am now on an anti-nauseant they give to chemo patients! And it costs $1000 a month Canadian. At least I can finally eat and drink again.

I'm sincerely praying for your mother, friend, you and the others mentioned in this post. I find thinking about Gethsemane very useful lately -- even Christ got frightened and discouraged, and I profoundly thank Him every day that He did so. It makes it easier for me to bear, knowing Jesus understands completely.

Oh, Cin, I am so very sorry. I've added you to my personal prayer list (well, you and that precious baby you're carrying). Please keep us updated on your condition.

They giving you Zofran? I bought two tablets yesterday for McKid after a trip to the emergency room for dehydration--at $26 A PILL!

My heart is with you.

Thank you for the prayers. I can so relate to what you said about McKid and the Ivs in the post above -- multiple pokes suck for a dehydrated adult. I can't imagine having to watch someone do it to one of my precious sons.

Oh, yes, it is Zofran I'm taking..... anytime anyone wants to make a generic, I'm ready!

Homeopathy has done wonders for a serious problem child of mine. Perhaps you have a naturopathic or similar doc nearby that could provide a homeopathic remedy for the dear boy. Otherwise, I know of a place that does phone consults and is excellent. Here is a link to the site:

God bless you for taking this lad under your wing for as long as you've been able. You *really* have no idea what a blessing you've been to him and his parent(s).



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