Happy Birthday, Z!

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A happy day, and a sad day. Happy because today is Zachary's birthday. Sad? Well, a little. Because as of today, there is officially no teenager at Casa Southard.

And from here on out, my dearest son will have to be known as the ZMan. Excuse me while I go dab my eyes on a hankie. Oh, and blow up a few more balloons......


Where does the time go! I am not too far away from having my fourth teen. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was a teen too, though it has been a few decades already. Happy Birthday to your son! Having a teen keeps you on your knees in prayer but they are truly a joy.

Hope he has a happy birthday :) he did an awesome job organizing the egg hunt Sunday, the boys had a blast this year.

a happy happy to a coolmoe brother popcorn critic and the godbrother of the smocktwins!



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