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....from the Christianity Today movie newsletter:

Wenders, a German filmmaker, says typical Hollywood blockbusters do all the thinking for you, rarely allowing you to consider, for yourself, the subtleties under the surface. Wenders prefers a movie that "asks you actively to be a part of it. The blockbusters don't want you to be part of it. They just serve it to you on a plate and then you eat it and that's it."

It's the difference between fast food and a gourmet meal. Which do you prefer?

I think this is an interesting question, and the answer in my case is "it depends." Some days, only a Whataburger will do, you know? The same goes for me with movies. Yeah, I liked Lost in Translation. But some nights are simply Death to Smoochy times.

Movies are entertainment for me--and that means that lots of times I don't want to see something "meaningful"--which all too often means "sad and depressing." Sure Life is Beautiful was great--but come on! How many times can you watch Dad march off to the firing squad? Only once in awhile.

It's my contention that that's the big difference between movie critics and those of us schmucks who see a half dozen or so movies (not including numerous repeats of Bambi and The Wizard of Oz)a year. (OK, I see more than that, but I see lots of old ones via Netflix.) We are looking for the spectacle, the fun time, the "let's go out and eat and see a flick with our friends" evening. So we pick the cinematic equivalent of junk food, and it is good.

Smock and Zteen are in a different class. They adore movies. It is funny when Zteen answers the phone when Smock calls my house. They always end up talking about movies. It's a passion they share.

Me? I know the good ones when I see 'em. But often as not, I'd just as soon watch the "junk."

So, tell me. Come clean. What are YOUR favorite movies? Give me a couple of "gourmet" movies and a couple of "I can't believe I'm admitting I love these movies" movies. Dare ya.


I love a lot of movies. But I don't have that passion for them that some people do - I have worked with people who know all kinds of things about movies, who is in them, who they are, who directed em, etc. I could care less, if I like the story & don't strongly dislike an actor (I have a hard time watching anything with Robin Williams, although I enjoy Hook).

Anyway heres a few on my list - Love, Actually. Empire Records. Down With Love. Zathura. Sound Of Music. Girls Just Want To Have Fun (yes, from the 80s). The Breakfast Club! ohhh its too late to think of anything else but there ya go.

I have 64 DVDs and 184 VHS tapes, from Gable and Colbert, Astaire and Rogers, to Bing, Titanic, Pearl Harbor, and The Men Who Killed Kennedy. Specify a category and decade. Most watched? Young Frankenstein and Last of the Mohicans.


"Gourmet" films: The Sound of Music and Meet Me in St. Louis

"Not really gourmet, but too good to be fast food" films: Blossoms in the Dust, Rocky, The Breakfast Club, The Terminator and Aliens

"Fast food" films (which I wouldn't admit unless I really loved you, MamaT): Rocky III and . . . well, you'll have to e-mail me for the second one, as I find I've lost the nerve to reveal what it is in public!

this is gonna take a little while to compile. i'll get back with you.

I like funny, clean movies. There are only 2 of those, O Brother where art Thou, and Princess Bride. I like beautiful movies, like Babette's feast, and thinking movies like Quiz Show and A Man for All Seasons. That is about it.

I have to admit that the fast food films just don't do much for me. Spielberg, for instance, gives me the shakes. About the only fast food films that work for me are over the top comedies like Top Secret or The Party. When I hear the phrase "Romantic Comedy" I reach for my revolver (with the possible exception of Breakfast at Tiffany's, which is not really a romantic comedy anyway).

So here is my list, for today:

Wings of Desire
La Dolce Vita/Eight and a half
Singing in the Rain
La Notte di San Lorenzo
Blade Runner (just about the only vision of Los Angeles that makes me think "I could enjoy living there")
La Strada
The Wild Bunch
Once Upon a Time in America
The Man with no name series
Dr. Strangelove
The Seven Samurai
Young Frankenstein
The Valley of Gwangi (high art...cowboys AND dinosaurs)

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