And an update on the Thumbs Up movies from Casa Southard:

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We've also seen a few good movies lately. That's one advantage of a son taking a Film Appreciation class--you get to talk about a lot of good movies. We've seen four good ones in the past couple of weeks:

First an oldie but a goodie:


Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains. What's not to like? We saw this because the Zman wrote his film appreciation paper on Alfred Hitchcock and it was either this or watch those awful birds peck people's eyes out. I'll take Cary Grant every time. Even when he's being a horse's you know what to the beautiful Ingrid Bergman. Aaaah.

Then a fabulous documentary:


The story of the United States wheelchair rugby team and its quest for a gold medal in the Olympics.

A new release on video, PapaC had no desire to see, Zman and I LOVED it:


Easy to see why Phillip Seymour Hoffman won best actor for this. He was practically channeling Capote. Very odd. If you can't get past the voice, you won't enjoy the movie. He was a narcissistic, often sad, little man. And I loved the look at his friendship with Harper Lee.

And finally, after months of hearing the Smock rave about Joaquin Phoenix in this movie:


I thought Phoenix did a better job being Johnny Cash than Reese Witherspoon did being June Carter. Especially in the singing department. Worth a look, we watched it with my parents, and we all gave it a thumbs up.


I'm going to see Capote because I once met the man, and in the snippet I saw on TV, Hoffman had him to a T.



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