I think, no wait, I KNOW I have a crush.....

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....on Anthony Esolen over at Touchstone. Read this entry on the "Mere Comments" blog and see why. Here's a little excerpt:

I could go on adding examples, and maybe you've guessed by now the cause of my dismay and astonishment. Most of the streakers, and every single one of the other teenagers I have mentioned, were girls. They have liberated themselves, it seems, by clapping on their wrists the vices that beset their brothers; they have not adopted the virtues of their brothers, nor have they freed themselves from vices that are predominantly their own. Yes, now they are foulmouthed, drunken, boorish, and lewd; but not frank, not comradely, not farsighted, and not brave. Nor have they given up gossip, cattiness, manipulativeness, touchiness, and guile. It is a distressing sight; they do not know how sadly they have distorted the surpassing beauty of their sex. I spend most of the year teaching medieval and Renaissance poetry, including praises of women that our drab age can hardly fathom. How I miss sometimes, not the company of females, but the company of women!

(And no, Mr. Luse, it in NO WAY diminishes the crush I have on you. I am a multi-crush kind of girl.)


Me, too! :)

Good thing you added that parenthetical.



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