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I was driving to pick up the McKid yesterday, with my mind on many other things, when I came around a corner to see a beautiful, huge mimosa tree in full bloom. It made my day! I've driven past that corner every time I drive to the preschool, but something made me look and see. Benjamin? Was that you tapping me on the shoulder? I think so.

You know, mimosas have the reputation among landscapers as being pretty much a "trash tree." They are messy, and drop a lot of stuff on the ground. But I love them still. They are fanciful looking--silly, almost. And it makes me remember that creation was GOOD.

So enjoy!


nuthin' that pink kin be that bad.

I wouldn't call it a Mimosa on your picture. To me it is more an Albizia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albizia
Mimosa and Albizia belongs to the same family, Fabaceae.

Anyhow, they are both lovely trees!

Nice photo. (Anna, Mimosa is the common name, Albizia is it's Latin genus name. It's the same tree)



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