moving stinks

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so last sunday night smockdaddy calls me and says, "i'm about to make an offer on a house."
i said, "what! you can't put an offer on a house i haven't even seen."
"okay. then put the kids in the car and come look at this house so i can make an offer."

we close on the 25th. i have a week to pack up a house of eight, lived in for six years. any prayers or moving advice will be appreciated. thanks!


You have my phone # and email if you need someone to watch any kids give me a call, we won't notice a couple more round here. Okay, we WOULD but at least we would have fun ;) Good luck! My only moving advice is pray a lot, moving sucks. We moved here 2 years ago & i'm dreading the girlie turning 3 cause then we need to be moving somewhere with another room for her. At least we co-sleep etc for the first few years ;)

Moving advice (courtesy of Dave Barry):

Put all your belongings in a pile in the back yard.

Pour kerosene all over them and set them afire.

Turn your back and walk away!

In the end, this is MUCH easier than moving. has some great hints on moving

I'll get moving on that pizza we talked about. Y'all are going to need some ready to eat stuff. Just let me know when would be a good day for La Familigia Flambeaux (ack! mixing French & Italian) to deliver it to the Smockhouse.

Moving advice: I like to Dave Barry idea. But seriously, start a timer and fly through your rooms trying to throw out every piece of junk. Do it in 15-min increments so you don't burn out. Also, to the degree that its practical, keep the boxes labelled by room and only keep items that belong in that room in those boxes. Color code (a marker slash will do but the little sticky dots that people use at yardsales would work best) so that you have something really easy to identify, like all boxes with a blue mark go in the kitchen. Also, move the really important, can't go a day without 'em things in laundry baskets. Big and open, holds a lot, good for moving pantry items, cleaning supplies, etc.

Holy Moley!! You put the offer on the house on the 14 and you're closing on the 25? And I thought we were settling quickly!

My tip: hire packers to come in a day or two before the truck arrives to help you finish, especially with the kitchen stuff. I know it's not pocket change but they work quickly and do a great job. Call them NOW -- the end of the month is their busiest time.

Is the Z-man on your domestic payroll yet? I could think of 1001 ways that he could be helpful. Other people can help you with the packing and stuff, but they probably can't help you feed the twins. Focus on the stuff that only you can do and get help with the rest.

Bless ye smockmomma! I don't know that I could move ever again given all my books.



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