Thanks to all your prayers....

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The glitches in paperwork were fixed so that Smock and the Smockhub and the Smockchitlins were able to begin the move today! Hurrah! Moving from a small house into a much bigger one should be lots of fun, and I'm sure the Smock has put on her Justice League Super Mom uniform and is bossing things at this moment.

No wait, it's after 10 p.m. I hope she's getting some rest and a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

At any rate, the moving and unpacking will continue for a few days. She'll probably remain scarce 'til they're all set up again. But I know she'd want to thank you for keeping her in your prayers!



Congrats! Been there, done that, BURNT the t-shirt!

The process in our part of the Northeast has been so much easier than it was Southern California. Even with an "Escrow company" (whose business is to handle the closing process - AND PAPERWORK) there was always "One last piece of paper we need you to provide before the closing - today" And that was the easy one!

Much empathy! prayers were said.



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