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Miz Booshay over at Quiet Life (and if you don't read her blog you are missing something special!) wants to add Fine Art Friday to the Friday Feast--add a piece of art that you like to your website every Friday.

Wouldn't that be cool? There would be so much to see, and it should be interesting to see what everyone is drawn to.

So, here's our first entry in Fine Art Friday:

The Calling of Saint Matthew

If you go here, you can read a little bit about the painting--and how its different parts fit together.

But this painting is special to me because I spent many years (before being a stay at home homeschooling mom) as an accountant--very concerned with the ways of the world. With money, counting it, accounting for it, making it, spending it. So the thought that Christ can call even the most worldly of us--and that we can leave it and follow him--is vitally important to me. I have felt exactly like Matthew in this picture: a hand pointed to my chest saying "Me? You want ME?"

I saw this painting while I was on pilgrimage in Rome. It was a high point.


Thank you for posting this beautiful picture! I love the interplay between light and shadow. I have an accounting background also and appreciated your comments about Matthew.

You've enriched my day today: Thank you!

You're welcome, Carol. Come back any time!



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