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It's been a long, hard 2006 so far, and we're not even half done. So far we've dealt with the death of my sisterfriend's mom, Katie. Then our dearest Fran, the lady we help take care of, was diagnosed with lung cancer (which means I'm spending a LOT of time in doctor's offices and infusion rooms). McKid had a violent round of illness, that was finally diagnosed as cyclic vomiting--a migraine variant. My mother fell, broke her hip, had surgery and rehabbed, and now is seeing the orthopedic doctor for additional back pain caused by old issues stirred up by the fall. Our priest had a bout of illness. My friend S has worries about a "maybe autistic" granddaughter.

Things took a turn to the upside for a bit--Zman had an excellent first semester in college (4.0 GPA, thank you very much) and is heavily into like, maybe even love, with a sweet young thing from our parish. A good girl who looks at him like he's a bowl of ice cream on a hot day.

But I told you before that I was thinking that the uptick was simply the ticking of the roller coaster while it was heading for the next drop.

Unfortunately, I was right.

My adopted sister--the sister of my heart--went on a fundraiser walk for cancer a few weeks ago. When she woke up the next morning, she was "tingly" and numb, from the tip of her left ear to the tip of her left toes. Entire left side completely weird feeling. She assumed she had done something to pinch a nerve or something. Took some aspirin and waited to get better.

Didn't get better. Went to the doctor on Monday, when she still felt weird. She has had some numbness issues in years past--but nothing on this scale. Mostly confined to her left hand or foot. Always went away fairly quickly. The doctor had an immediate appointment made for her to have an MRI. Had the MRI on the Tuesday before Memorial Day. Had to wait an ENTIRE WEEK for results.

But we got the results. The MRI is "consistent with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis." There is a very tiny chance that it is a weird side effect of lupus, but most likely not. She is being sent to a neurologist in Fort Worth who treats MS patients and has expertise beyond that of the small town doctor...

Sisterfriend is 6 years younger than I and has a 10 year old son and an 8 year old daughter--my beloved niece and nephew. She is dealing with continual achiness and extreme fatigue. And looking at a world that is so radically different than what it seemed to be 6 weeks ago.

She's being all brave and noble. Me? I'm just pissed. Sorry, but true. Not losing my faith--not by a long shot. But I'm telling God just EXACTLY what I think about this whole thing every single time I talk to him. Which is A LOT. I'm sure by now, every time I pipe up he thinks, "Oh, no. Not again."

So, there you go. If you have a spare prayer or two, I'd love to have them for my sisterfriend. I love to have 'em for me.

And I'd really, really like for things to get a little better around here.



Prayin' for you and sisterfriend and the whole bunch.

**hugs** and prayers to you... I've been at that "what now?" phase of my life at times, and it's no fun.

And I thought troubles were only supposed to come in threes? MS is brutal. Will pray Mama.

I'll keep you and your sisterfriend in my prayers...also praying things will look up and stay that way!

Prayers! Sorry it's such a hard time right now.

Praying for y'all. If I can help with anything give me a call or email.

Praying for you all. (Big time!!!)

What an awful, awful time for you and your loved ones!

Praying for you all.

Oh, you poor thing. Adding my prayers for the whole lot of you.

I'm so sorry MamaT.

Dang, the fire is hot!

You will come thru this. Shining and reflecting God's Glory. I know you will.

But, man, the fire burns.



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