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The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night
Vincent Van Gogh

I love this painting, because of the contrast of the warm on the terrace and the cool and dark of the night just out in the street. It makes me want to sit and have a drink and laugh and talk the evening away.

Join me?


Certainly. Especially if the drink in question is either absinthe or some cheap but good beaujolais village!

Added bonus if conversation can be loud and in German, something that is really fun to do in France.

Oh, yay! However,

#1 YOU may drink the absinthe. I'm not touching that nasty stuff. I'll drink the Beaujolais.

#2 I don't speak German.

Back in art school I used to look at this painting and imagine living just above the cafe.
So when the cafe closes we can go to my place and watch the sunrise and eat cheese, Ok?

Order up another absinthe, Herr Keilholtz.

And, while I don't speak German, I can at least pepper the conversation with random Yiddish and Italian phrases, which should also be fun in France.


Yes! And we'll sit in wooden chairs, drawn next to the window, with bare feet propped up on the windowsill, watching the sun come up and listening to the birds starting their morning ovations......


Yes! I'd love to join you!

Yes! And we can buy croissants from the little bakery down the road...

Well...lookee here!
I can see!
I can see!

Thank you so much for accomodating(sp) my failing eyesight :o)

Now can you help me with my poor spelling skills :o)

Thanks so much!


Yes! And we can buy croissants from the little bakery down the road...

No, because the craft of patisserie is at an all time low in France. We would be better off flying the croissants in from Oakland's La Farine or Capitola's Gayle's Bakery.

Have things really gotten that bad, Herr Keilholtz? Mon dieu!

Yeah, but this is 1888 ; )

1888?!? I forgot about that. I wonder if they had Galoises then. No Galoises might be a deal breaker. Oh well, at least they had decent cigars back then.



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