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I guess this means I have officially gotten old, because when I was a kid I just HATED rainy days in the summer--no matter how badly we needed the water!

It is pouring outside--with all the attendant lightning and thundering of a Texas thunderstorm. Might be time to shut down the computer for a bit.

But the cool! The wet!



Not "old," Mama...normal!

Just last Wednesday a lady from your neck o' the woods visited Boston where it'd been raining pretty much since God planted the rainbow in the sky after that other flood, sheesh.

Anyway, the lady sat in on a Bible study class following Mass and while we were all grousing about the Interminable Wet Weather, she beamed and said she absolutely loved it...and then explained why.

And so dear Mama, I rejoice with you! May you have all the rain you need (and...uh...maybe some of ours?)

yippee is raht! there for awhile it got sorta scary, so the wee ones and i had to pile into the "harry potter" room until it passed. but, yea!



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