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Batman Begins

I must admit that I am a junkie for Superhero movies--even the bad ones. I think it's a sign of my misspent youth. On hot summer afternoons in West Texas, there was nothing better than lying under the swamp cooler down draft, drinking a Dr. Pepper and devouring comic books. Oh, I had my sentimental favorites (Fantastic Four--love that whole family dynamic thing). But Batman was the hero that I liked best. What is it they say about good girls and those (slightly) bad boys?

So I couldn't wait to see Batman Begins, though it took this long for things to settle down enough for me to see it! Six thumbs at Casa Southard. Six enthusiastic thumbs up. While the Zman wasn't overly enthused by Christian Bales as Batman, I thought it was good casting. And I loved, loved, loved Michael Caine taking up the role of Alfred. Add in Liam Neeson and Morgan Freemnan? You've got me.

Gotham City is an amazing conception--the right amount of nastiness and skyscrapers. Visual effects, of course, were stunning. But it's the story that's a winner here--a real imagining of why and how Bruce Wayne became Batman, not just a 3 second scene on the way to rock 'em sock 'em action.

A wonderful episode 1 in every way. With the appropriate set-up for the sequel.

Steven Greydanus also loved it. Read his review here.


This is one of our favorite movies. There is something very real in this movie. I do have hard time watching Katie Holmes now with the Tom Cruise thing, but aside fromt that, it is one of the few movies we have seen repeadedly.

loved this movie. i saw the end over and over again last year ;)



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