This weekend's movies: From "meh" to "yuck!"

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Not a good weekend for movies at Casa Southard.

First we watched a "meh" movie--one that was so-so:

Mr and Mrs Smith.jpg

I wanted to watch this because of all the uproar it caused--breaking up the marriage of Brad Pitt and whats-her-name from Friends. Well, just let me say this: all the sparks of romantic chemistry between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie must have been in their trailers on the set, because not one SHRED of it appears on the screen.

It is a movie with a decent enough concept, and two beautiful people in it. But it is flat, flat, flat. The only thing that saves it, at least in part, is that I found the script itself fairly funny. WHAT they said was funny, even if how they said it was not particularly.

We immediately started casting around for actors who might have been able to do something better with the material, but we were at a loss.

It wasn't TERRIBLE, exactly. But I'm glad I didn't fork over "see it in the theater" money for this. It's not a waste of $3. It would have been a waste of $16 for PapaC and I to see it in the theater.

So, Casa Southard rating: Meh. You choose.

Then Saturday night we watched:

The Weather Man.jpg

I hadn't even HEARD of this movies, which probably should have been a clue, don'tcha think? Anyway, I usually like Nicholas Cage movies--he's offbeat enough to make some pretty interesting movies. And it had Michael Caine in it! I love Michael Caine!

This movie was one long product placement. How many products were mentioned by name? Let's see: Frosty, Kenny Roger's chicken, Bank America, Big Gulps, Spongebob Squarepants...... The list goes on and on.

Nicholas Cage acts as if his whole body has been injected with Botox. No emotion, other than the random outbursts of profanity. No one saves the movie. It is one long depressing slog, with commercials thrown in.

Yuck. All thumbs down on this one. Don't waste your time.


one word: why?

Because my mom had rented Mr and Mrs Smith from Netflix, and we were over at her house.

And then second, because no one but me wanted to watch what *I* had rented from Netflix, so we sent someone to Blockbuster on a Saturday night to get something to watch. That's the wrong night to go to Blockbuster. Trust me.

I really liked Mr. and Mr. Smith. I thought it was really funny! I thought it was funny how even their styles were so different. She is such a planner about the whole thing and he just adapts and makes it up as he goes along.



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