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"Don't watch this. It is a BAD movie."

Zman likes a LOT of movies. For him to say it was BAD, it really had to be AWFUL.

I'll take him at his word. A shame, really, because I love to LOOK at George Clooney, though he's rapidly becoming one of those guys whose politics are getting to the point where they infringe on my enjoyment of his work.

I'll forgive him a lot, though, because of his work in O, Brother, Where Art Thou.

Just FYI: the critics at Rotten Tomatoes don't agree with the Zman.


Bernadette and her Mom didn't like it either. Bern's question on the way out: "What the hell was that all about?"

Oh, tres bad! Totally disjointed, and then on top of that, just plain stupid--with an "oh the evil US" axe to grind to boot.

Sounds like my dad will totally love it, and I will totally refuse to see it. Then he'll try to pick a fight with me over it. I need out of this house!



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