We've been sucked into the vortex.....

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...of Lost.

One of the problems with me and TV is that I cannot, and will not, guarantee that I am at home to watch a certain show at a certain time. And while I know that Smock will chime in with her "you gotta get TIVO" suggestion, that leads to problems of its own. I end up with five or six hours of PAST programming that has to be watched before I can start watching the new stuff, so I have to tape the new stuff, so I have six hours of stuff to watch......

You get the picture.

So I love it when TV shows that I really would have liked to sample come out on DVD. Then, if I like them, I can watch them over the course of a few weeks, not spread out over a gazillion weeks when I have other things to do.

I had never watched a single episode of Lost until last night, when the Zman and I watched the first three episodes on DVD. Wow! It was surprisingly different. We're just learning the characters' names. And we love how you get little pieces of their backstories at a time.

So, the next few Wednesdays will be Lost nights here at Casa Southard.


That's what I love about DVDs too. Welcome aboard the Lost train ... :-D

I can assure you, it just keeps getting better and more astonishing. Hope you'll love it!

My problem with LOST is that the women are too good looking and presumably (i.e. it is a tropical island) wear scant clothing. Lucky you girls don't have a problem with lust.



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