why multiculturalism droolz

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The very notion that Western Latin Civilization is anything but superior to all of the other attempts man has made at organizing himself is daft. Amalia is being taught that we might find the occasional bit where some other culture stumbles on the Good, the True, and the Beautiful (even the Englisch), but it is only in Western Latin Civilization that one finds these things as a matter of course.

And, obviously, as a matter of Christian charity, we must bring this high form of civilization to the rest of the world. Wouldn't want the poor savages dancing around with bones in their noses, saying "uff da" and driving on the wrong side of the road, when we could have shown them a better way!

I took this multi-culti crap seriously for a few years, but saw that it was a dead-end.

Romanitas all the way!



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