Fine Art Friday!

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Marvelous Marbles I
Karen Dupre

This picture reminds me of a glass mason jar that my grandfather had, filled with marbles. I love marbles. I like the coolness of them. I like the smoothness of them. I like the colors of them. There are few things I think are prettier piled up in a jar.

My grandfather also taught me how to shoot marbles. I taught my Cub Scout den how to play--in the hopes of keeping alive a game that had nothing to do with television or gameboys. I also won the adult division of our Cub Scout Pack's marble tournament. And no, we didn't play for keepsies.

Teach your kids how to play. Need to know how yourself? Go here and learn. Then get down on the ground and PLAY!

Marbles are also cool things to collect, if you haunt flea markets and such places. It's a great collection for a kid, because each individual piece need only cost a dime or so--until they get hooked and want the expensive marbles! And you only need a glass jar to display them in, though there are fancy display cases available (see the link in the paragraph above). What could be easier?

Marvelous Marbles II


Good grief...I'm losing it.

I looked at the blog title and saw "Fine Art Friday" and thought to myself, "They haven't posted anything since *Friday*? Huh."

Then it slowly dawned on me that TODAY is Friday. Sheesh...

More brain cells lost to pregnancy, methinks. :-)

That's all right. At least you have an excuse! I'm just usin' the "it's too hot for me to think" excuse around here for my absolute lack of any ambition at all.

I love colored glass in any form. These are beautiful pictures.

Thank you for sharing.

i can hear them click-clicking. i love the feel and the sound of marbles. very nice.



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