help! ballpoint ink on leather

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anyone know the magic formula for getting this out?


What kind of finish is the leather, and would a slight variation in the texture ruin the whole piece? If it were in my beloved old bomber jacket, I would gently use abrasives, then work neatsfoot oil into the area. That would, of course, destroy something that relies on a fine, tight-grained, even finish.

a lot of scrubbing with a soft cloth and a little bit of water... hair spray works but wouldn't want to use it on leather...good luck! After many years at working at Coach Store, ink is usually there to stay... sorry!

Did you try a baby wipe?

it's a smooshy dark brown leather sofa.

Well, no matter what you try, first try it on a hidden section to see if it is worse than the ink. Good luck. Is it well worn, so if you did use abrasion and then oiled out the rough area, would the mark be the only rough bit or would it somewhat blend in?

Also, perhaps saddle soap.



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