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first of all, i'd like to kvetch about people who use incorrect spelling so they can form kutsey little thingies like i just did. what is that called? besides annoying.
...anyhoo. what's up with papa john's "unlimited" toppings offer? at their online site they offer unlimited toppings --
* unlimited up to five toppings *
huh? wha? did i miss something here?

main entry: un·lim·it·ed
pronunciation: -'li-m&-t&d
function: adjective
date: 15th century
1 : lacking any controls : UNRESTRICTED
3 : not bounded by exceptions : UNDEFINED

how does "unlimited up to five toppings" fit into this definition? does papa john just think we're all total morons? fine then. i'm ordering dominos.


"unlimited up to five toppings" is an oxymoronic phrase, as well as a moronic phrase. That pizza joint is definitely doing its part in undermining the English language.

how about the grocery store line: 9 items or FEWER, people, not LESS! I speak very good the English.



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