I totally do NOT get this:

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Why would you want a pair of shoes commemorating LAUNDRY? What's next? Shoes with little toilet brushes on them?

And if you did want to commemorate laundry, would you really pay $135 to do it?

I think not.


I think they're fab!

My guess is that they won't sell one pair of these shoes. Anyone who can spend $135 on shoes...will most certainly NOT be buying those!

laundry sux in my laundry room and sux even more on my feet. what numbnut thunkit?

So, I take it you put those shoes in the same category, birthday present-wise, as, say, a new vacuum cleaner?

BELOW a new vacuum cleaner.

WAY, WAY, WAY below.

I'm sure my Stitchwitch would dig 'em.

Flambeaux, Smock and I are gonna have to stage an intervention.

Stitchwitch assures me she thinks they're "superfantastic".

Now, if only I had the $135 to get a pair for her.

I love them -- but I also love using my clothesline. Go figure -- I think it's because you can only dry clothes outside here for about three months -- May and September are too wet and the rest of them (yup, that's seven months!) are -40 degree winter.

I think they're really cute! But I think they're cute in a "if those are a homemade craft project, the person whereing them is cooler than I can ever hope to be!" kinda way. I would not pay $135 for them.



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