Shamelessly stolen from Donna, over at A Quiet Life:

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Because it was just the wake up call I needed this morning:

Here's the quote from a 1914 issue of Women's World. I love how it starts:

Suppose you are a housewife. Your home is small. Your means are limited. Your "things to do with" are meager. Your children are trying. Your work is hard and monotonous....There you have a stream of events bearing you down. If you yield you become nervous, irritable, discontented, perhaps eventually careless and slovenly, a physical wreck and spiritual misery. And now, suppose you make up your mind not to yield. Suppose you say to yourself, "I will think beautiful thoughts. I will make my surroundings cheerful. I will be happy and strong and brave and make my husband and children even as I am." That you reply, is easier said than done. It is very hard. Wait! is not so hard as you imagine. Cease pitying yourself. Say, when you awake in the morning, "The world is beautiful. There are many great, noble, unconquerable souls. I am one of them....I shall make this house glow with peace and good will."


That is beautiful.

(And especially apt since the first thing I saw this morning was dog vomit...)

Been there, done that, stepped in it.

Oh, wow. I actually needed that today. It's so charming and yet, good advice really. :)

Totally needed that today, as I ease into being a full-time SAHM of three (my smallest is two months now, and when my mat leave ends in 10 months, I don't think I'm going back).

It reminds me of Blessed Theresa of Calcutta's famous quotation: "The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it."



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