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MADRID (AFP) - Excessively skinny fashion models will be barred from a major Madrid fashion show later this month for fear they could send the wrong message to young Spanish girls, local media reported...

well, it's about time. finally someone thinks that the health of their nation's young girls is more important than having abnormally thin models slink down their runways. it's a shame that our own American fashion peddlers don't do the same.

about a week ago, i overheard my daughters grace (6) and glynnis (8) arguing about whether a slice of chicken or cheese had more calories. i asked them if they knew what calories were, and glynnis said, "they're what make you fat." duncan (10) corrected her, "no, if you eat more than you need, they can make you fat." i don't think i'd even heard the word "calories" at their age. what is going on?


viva madrid!!

I think this is a good move... a few years ago the gymnastics governing body instituted body mass requirements to prevent bulimia and anorexia and I can tell from the gymnasts I see on TV that it has really helped. The same should be done for models.

Maybe I'll move to Madrid!

One could thing about the excessively thin models - they trigger zero lust in myself and most normal guys.

Meant to say, "one good thing..."

thank you for sharing.



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