Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, RIP

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I read on the First Things site this morning about the death of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. I first learned about her when I read her 1995 book, Feminism is Not the Story of My Life. She was an academic, and author, and, importantly to me, a convert to Catholicism. She was on the editorial board of First Things and occasionally wrote pieces for them. Here's a snippet from her conversion story, as quoted by Joseph Bottum:

“A decisive moment in my journey in faith came when, one day, seemingly out of nowhere, the thought pierced me that Jesus had died for my sins. And, immediately on its heels, came the devastating recognition that I am not worth his sacrifice. Only gradually have I come truly to understand that the determination of worth belongs not to me but to him. God’s love for us forever exceeds our control and challenges our understanding. Like faith, it is His gift, and our task is to do our best to receive it.”


“The knowledge, even when partial and imperfect, that He loves us also opens us to new responsibilities and obligations. For if He loves us all, He also loves each of us. And recognition of that love imposes on us the obligation to love one another, asking no other reason than God’s injunction to do so. As fallen human creatures, we are nonetheless likely to continue to search for human reasons that justify our loving service to those in whom we find little or no obvious redeeming value. And the best human reason may be found in the faith that God has freely given us: our nonjudgmental love of the other remains the condition of God’s love for us. For, knowing how little we merit His love, our best opening to the faith that He does lies not in the hope of being better than others, but in the security that His love encompasses even the least deserving among us.”


I didn't know this sad news. Thanks for posting it. She was a minor celebrity to me, since I'm an Emory grad and Atlantan. I saw her at Mass once in the late '90s and it inspired me to know that she was a former non-believer. She sort-of radiated sophistication, but also newfound, quiet faith.

Beautiful writings.



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