Fine Art Friday


Murnau, the Garden II, 1910

Wassily Kandinsky

I love this, and I love all the things that Kandinsky did like this. If you could see my house, you would understand that I am drawn to strong and forceful colors. This would look perfect on my bright yellow living room walls.

I also like the things like these, which are what I normally think of when I think of this artist. But in a way, these seem cold--almost too "technical" or "industrial". All those perfect circles with lines and arcs. The ones with brighter colors are better, but none of them are something I would buy, even if I had the money. Admire them on a wall somewhere else, yes. Hang them in my own space, no.

Im Blau, 1925

If you want to know something more about this artist, you can go HERE for his Wikipedia entry.



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