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I liked the last experiment (different views of anemones) so much that I've decided to do it again for this week's edition of Fine Art Friday. With February looming, romance is in the air. So, I decided to put "Kiss" in the search box at Well, it is interesting, to say the least. And I wouldn't really advise it, unless you want to search through about a billion pictures of the band KISS (which I didn't), and a lot of, well, shall we say, inappropriate pictures with that in the title. Enough said.

So here are today's entries, all with the theme "kiss."

First, there was the picture I expected to pop up first, and sure enough it did:

The Kiss
Gustav Klimt

Next, a beautiful sculpture of a kiss:

The Kiss
Auguste Rodin

Less traditional? Maybe you'll like this one better:

Kiss V, 1964
Roy Lichtenstein

Then there's probably the most photographed kiss in the world (and yes, I do think photography can be fine art!):

Kissing the War Goodbye

Next we have the most infamous kiss of all time:

The Kiss of Judas
Fra Angelico

Following, we have the very romantic version:

The Stolen Kiss
Jean-Honore Fragonard

One of my favorite kissers:

Sticky, Wet, Romantic Kiss on the Love Boat
Tom Everhart

If all of the above has been too literal an interpretation of kisses, then here's something more abstract:

The Passionate Kiss
Tim Sorsdahl

And finally (finally!), the most famous movie kiss of all time!

La Bella Notte
Walt Disney Studios

Smooch from the Mamas!


What a beautiful, inspiring and fun post!

Love all the interpretations of "the kiss."

But they don't hold a candle to the real thing, of course.

Thank you, Linda! And I definitely agree about the real thing!

Great post!!!


the stolen kiss: tres sexy!

A very good compendium...but where is the Hershey's Kiss? :)



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