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Why is it that when I am at the kid clothes resale shop (I started to type "kid resale shop", but that looked like I wanted to sell the McKid, which, some days I might, but most days I don't.) looking for a new pair of blue jeans for the McKid, quarter-sized holes having appeared in the knee after the last wash, that she can hone in and pick up absolutely the most EXPENSIVE item in her size to want so bad, so bad, so bad she can taste it?

There I am down on the floor, comparing blue jean cuts and styles, and there she is looking at the spring skirts. Now, I know that now really is the time to start looking for spring and summer clothes at the resales, because when it actually gets to spring and summer all the cute things will be gone. So, I'm not anti looking at some cute things we might buy.

But the skirt she picked out--a cotton tiered shockingly lime green one--is not used, it is one of the new things that this store also sells. And it is TWENTY dollars. For a shockingly lime green cotton tiered skirt. TWENTY DOLLARS!

And NO other skirt would do. No other dress would do. So we left with exactly what we went for, a $6 pair of jeans.

And one unhappy 4-year-old diva baby.


Try McCart Thrift out here off I20. I find Baby A cutecutecute jeans there all the time for $2-3 each, and you know the baby jeans are NOT worn bad (once they start walking and aren't crawling in them anyway). Also her Christmas Dress was found there w/ tags on for $7, not sure if she wore that to SMV or not, she ended up in pjs for midnight Mass this year. But she looked like a porcelian doll in that dress. Great, now I want to go to the thrift store and I have sick kids AND it's wet outside AND payday isn't till tommorow...

Amalia (five and a half) has a shockingly lime green skirt that she loves, too. It must be some stage of development in the retina or something.

It's good to get them used to that at 4 years old, otherwise you end up with an even more unhappy 12 year old, and that is wayyyyyyyy worse!



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