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.....on Easter, by none other than the fabulous Manolo the Shoeblogger. Having been in a crammed full church with numerous squiggly children for 2-1/2 hours yesterday morning, I can relate!

Manolo says, the Manolo must admit that has never completely understood the American version of Easter. Elsewhere this day of joy is celebrated with religious processions and family feasts.

Yes, in North America there is still the ham-based dinner, but here the main event of the day occurs when the tiny tots wake up, rush down the stairs and launch themselves teeth first into the five pounds of chocolate, marshmallow, and jelly beans, which have been left for them by the giant fairy-tale rodent.

Later, at church, these same children, now under the deleterious influence of Cadbury’s Crème Eggs and Yellow Peeps, will vigorously bounce up and down, twitch, and swing their legs in the pews, while their parents shush them repeatedly.

Happily, some of this sugar-fueled energy will be dissipated by the hunting of the eggs, during which their best new clothes will be permanently stained with grass, food coloring, and chocolate saliva.

I have refrained, in the interest of maintaining Erik's sanity, from posting the picture of the superfantastic PINK shoes the Manolo recommended for Easter. They wouldn't have gone with my Easter outfit anyway. Now, if they came in blue......

Like these shoes! Which I wish I had! Sorry, couldn't help posting a shoe picture!!!



fabulous. but, i MUST see the shoes!

I appreciate the gesture, but my sanity is long gone. Nothing to maintain, folks, move along!

Now we will talk amongst ourselves.

i am in desperate need of some blue shoes myself, mamaT. we should go shopping together.



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