Booking Through Thursday on Friday!

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Sorry. Yesterday was a very busy day.

This week's question:

It happens even to the best readers from time to timeā€¦ you close the cover on the book you’re reading and discover, to your horror, that there’s nothing else to read. Either there’s nothing in the house, or nothing you’re in the mood for. Just, nothing that “clicks.” What do you do?? How do you get the reading wheels turning again?

Well, I never discover that there is nothing to read. I have enough unread books to last several years, even if I read more than I do now!

But, it does sometimes happen that I get in a funk and can't decide on what sounds good to read next. Nothing strikes my fancy. That happens especially when I've read several sad or "heavy" books in a row. I think that's why my Summer Reading Challenge looks like it does.

And that's what I do. I get a book by Thirkell, or a murder mystery, or a true crime book (my secret--or not so secret vice) and read something completely for fun. That is usually enough.

Once, in the past, my reading block was so great that I had to put myself on a "no-reading" diet for a week. By the end of the week, I would have read quantum physics textbooks, just to get some reading material in my hands.


When there is nothing left to read, then it is time to write.



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