Project 365 - Day 15

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St. Francis

This statue sits on the side of the Catholic school that is directly across from my house. (Note: This is NOT the parish I attend. Of course not. I live directly across the street, but I have to get in my car and DRIVE to church. Go figure.) The Parish is run by the TOR, so of course, there are several St. Francis statues around! But this one is kind of in a place where he doesn't get much attention, except from me. This statue looks sad to me, but I still like him, and wish he were in my yard, not in theirs. Not enough to steal him, you understand. If he ever goes missing, don't come looking for me!


I live within walking distance - not quite across the street, but a 2-3 minute drive depending on the lights, of a Catholic church and I still drive back to Arlington every week, 20 minutes is nothing for our Parish. So. Worth. It.



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