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This afternoon, McKid was busy, busy, busy laying out stuff all over the floor of my office, making the place ready for a party dinner we were supposed to have after I finished paying bills.

Heavens. She took down a whole shelf of flamingos and arranged them artfully (at least in her eyes) on top of a group of flashcards she had laid out as a table top.

After working for about 30 minutes, she stood back and looked at her work.

"Oh, mama. Isn't this such a beautiful tablescape?"

She sounded just like Sandra Lee on Semi-Homemade on FoodTV.

Of course, then she had to remark:

"Mama, don't let the dogs mess this up. I don't want to come back in here and see it looking cr*ppy!"



ah, she sounds a little less like sandra lee and a little more like spike lee at that last sentence there.

Too cute. I'm sure I'd never heard the word "tablescape" when I was 5 or 6. Mom just "set the table."



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