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Almost everyone can name at least one author that you would love just ONE more book from. Either because they’re dead, not being published any more, not writing more, not producing new work for whatever reason . . . or they’ve aged and aren’t writing to their old standards any more . . . For whatever reason, there just hasn’t been anything new (or worth reading) of theirs and isn’t likely to be.

If you could have just ONE more book from an author you love . . . a book that would be as good any of their best (while we’re dreaming) . . . something that would round out a series, or finish their last work, or just be something NEW . . . Who would the author be, and why? Jane Austen? Shakespeare? Laurie Colwin? Kurt Vonnegut?

I'll have to think about this one. Right off the bat I'd say Harper Lee (of To Kill a Mockingbird fame) and Jane Austen. Oh, and Richard Russo could speed up his production a little bit. And Jon Hassler could be healed from his Parkinson's to make his life and writing easier.

I suspect that I will think that Angela Thirkell, Georgette Heyer and Agatha Christie could have each written just one more book, though they were all prolific. Is it possible to have too many of them? I think not.


madeleine l'engle

Dorothy Sayers

I second Dorothy Sayers and Angela Thirkell. Also Josephine Tey.



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