She's baa-aaa-aaa-ack!

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Chaos in this Mama's world has settled down a bit. Now we're back to the normal levels, at least for awhile.

After a week of Camp Southard, followed by a week of vacation for PapaC and me, this morning starts back to a more normal routine. Well, perhaps normal stretches it just a bit.

Last week was fabulous. Zman was still on his geology field trip and McKid and her mama took a week of vacation, so PapaC and I got to do exactly what we wanted to do. No money in the kitty for a travelling kind of vacation, so we stayed home and played. We went to the movies (saw Ratatouille), went to East Texas and poked around in antique and "stuff" shops, went to the Indian Reservation and gambled a bit, and read the final Harry Potter book.

But the very best part? Staying up as late as we wanted and sleeping as late as we wanted. That sounds silly, when you just write it out. But my life has been so governed by alarms and schedules, school days and lunches to make, meetings and just stuff, that it was just WONDERFUL to live an unplanned existence for six whole days. We got up when we woke up, we ate when we were hungry (not when it was "time"), and we played as many computer games as we wanted. It was glorious.

We finished up last night with pizza and a movie. Watched Children of Men, which was decent, but not like the book at all. I'll say more about it later.

Anyway, long way 'round to say that there will be more content on the Summa Mamas going forward. Thanks for your patience during our craziness!


You're worth the wait, mamat ;)



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