So, What Do the Mamas Do When They're Stressed?

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They go virtual shoe shopping, OF COURSE!


Love, love, love, love these!!!! I want them. They are me to a T (no pun intended, but I would have if I had thought about it!). Well, they're me except for the price. There is that little sticking point.


I think these shoes are so totally the Smock that they should have her name embroidered on them somewhere. Better yet, they could change the name of the style to Smockmomma.


OK, so maybe these are a bit Minnie Mouse-y, but I like them anyway, and they would look fab with my jeans and t-shirts in the fall.


The most Summa of the shoes I looked at tonight. Smock and I need matching pairs for church on Sundays.


While my virtual shoe shopping is usually done a little tongue in cheek--at least as far as the actual BUYING of anything goes--I really do like these. A lot.


But, if I'm wishing and dreaming, I'll wish and dream that I had THESE, and someplace superfantastic to wear them........Some day my prince will come.......Oh, wait, he already did, and he's washing the dishes! Hmmmm. I can't wear these for that. Time to find my flips.....


Baby A's faves are the pink. You should see her face light up in delight at the shoes. Oh my.

the smockshoes are way too fab for words. i found a pair very similar and on sale! alas, they didn't have a size appropriate for my flinstone feet. i seiously considered buying them anyway, but was afraid i'd spend the entire Mass (of course, where else would i wear such a shoe?) cursing the pain. heavy sigh.



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