Look, Smock! Summa Shoes!

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So, the kids are back in school, Labor Day is next week, and it's only 95 degrees here in beautiful Texas. So what am I thinking about? Fall shoes! Soon enough it will be time to pack away my beloved flips and try to think of wearing something with my jeans and chinos. So, I decided to do a little internet window shopping and came up with three Summa worthy choices to go with those long pants that are coming sooner than we think:


These scream Summa Mama to me, and they are relatively inexpensive. Actually, all three pair that I've picked this time are actually cheap enough to consider!


Now, I love these--they have that touch of the classic with the chain embellishment, but they are modern because they have all three classics (chain, leather and piping stuff) all layered together. They're probably too "good girl" for the Smock, but I think they're cute.


And then there are these. Not even pink, but I love 'em. Since I'm a jeans and solid color t-shirt (or sweater) girl all winter, I think these would add a nice little kick of color.


Oh my gosh! What KEEYUTE shoes! You know that's what everybody would say.

These ARE cute. I didn't realize Zappo did anything but slut slides. I hate ordering shoes on line, but I'll go stare for awhile.

They're back on shoes!

I have gone even farther the other direction. I only wear shoes when I absolutely have to. Sure, the bottoms of my feet look like they are sporting rhino hide, but I love it. I play the organ barefoot out of necessity (with shoes I simply cannot find, nor hit accurately, those infernal pedals that are turning me from a trained keyboardist with a degree in music to a neurotic neophyte, fumbling around trying to punch out a decent melodic line with my left foot!), and have recently learned how much fun it is to drive, particularly stick shift, barefoot.

I hope I am not turning into a hippy, but my dim view of shoes has never been stronger.



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