What Smock and MamaT saw today at the Museum of Modern Art

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Warning, there is some nudity in the pictures. We did not see the large crouching boy or the pregnant woman. But I think we saw everything else shown in this Washington Post article about Ron Mueck.


Well, where's your review?

the smock was blown away -- dragging mamaT (no less than three times) back into the exhibit for yet another go-round. i have long been fascinated by the subject of isolation, usually as it is observed in literature, but this is the first exhibit i have actually seen dealing with the subject and it was very disquieting and beautiful and sad and breathtaking...literally breathtaking. i think mamaT wanted to take "big man" home with her cuz he looked so, i don't know, in need, i guess. i think "in bed" moved me the most because, after days of reflection, i'm convinced that she's terminally ill and just waiting to die, alone and unloved, and it breaks my heart.



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