what's that on my chinny-chin-chin?

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ewwwwwwww. okay ladies, is this the ultimate ick rite of passage or what? i have started to grow things out of my chin. and not just cute little fuzzy stuff -- today i found something very light, but very hard!


i'm too young to have hairs grow out of my chin. only old ladies with gray buns and "granny beads" get hairs on their chins, right? not hot young mommas who still sport sexy stilettos. old women with hip-replacements need the tweez, not hip young women who can still shake their shimmy! #$%#&! i'm still in the fairly desirable demographic range of "between 35 & 55" -- why is my chin all the sudden turning on me and thrusting me into the "between 65 & death" category of facial hair? i mean, it's not braidable or anything. no one is calling me mrs. burnside yet; but still, this is really putting a damper on my hip-factor.

so the question is pluck or bleach? any advice will be greatly appreciated.


I'm only 26, and I've been plucking them for 9 years now. Some things are no respecter of age, or of youth.

My husband jokes about the 4 little hairs on my chinny-chin-chin. It's somewhat obsessive with me to hunt them down and pluck them out the minute they grow back at all, and it drives me crazy when I can feel one coming in but can't get a good grip with the tweezers yet.

But definitely pluck. The dyeing won't change the texture, and feeling that course hair on your chin is going to drive you crazy. Plus they grow longer than regular facial down.

It is horrifying, isn't it? I mean, I still worry about zits. Talk about being at an awkward, in-between age.

When I was still forty something my younger sister prefaced a conversation with, "If I'm ever in a coma I want you to promise me..." And I thought this would be some big "life issues" discussion. It was...in a weird way. She said, "I want you to promise that you'll keep checking my chin for any stray hairs and pluck them ASAP."

A third option is electrolysis. I highly recommend it. It is a bit on the expensive side but it is a permanent solution. A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle and it is zapped with a little current. Remember you have more hairs than you think you have. There are lots of dormant follicles that wake up just as you pull out the visible hairs. That is why it takes several sessions of electrolysis to clear up the problem.

I'm 27 and have one hair on my chin that keeps growing back. Definitely pluck!
It's amazing how one day there is nothing there, and the next, it seems like the thing is 1/2 inch long. Hopefully it will be a long time before the lone hair gets a buddy.

Well, the other option you didn't mention is WAX!

I know, I know, it sounds terrible. But the results are WONDERFUL! And I have a friend who does this and I'll invite you over the next time we have a waxin' get-together. It hurts for a minute, but it's worth it to do it all at once.

(And don't tell, but I also get my upper lip waxed sometimes, too!)

Oh, and Ellyn--my sisterfriend with MS made me promise her the same thing: "Don't let my eyebrows grow together or anything. Pluck for me when I can't. And don't let me look weird."

Ah, vanity......

It's the same thing I'd ask.

i second the wax vote. mrs burnside made me laugh.

Oh, I'm with Catholic Mom; if it's worth doing, it's worth doing permanently! ZAP it, all the way. (And, hey look, if she's got the machine all heated up and raring to go, you can always have your pits done, too.) Smooth and clean is so...smooth and clean.



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