i'm sure our dear mr. luse would agree

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help! i'm seeing the word irregardless -- oh, that word is like a fingernail scraping across a chalkboard -- used by journalists! the word used to be confined to the likes of sportscasters and mouth-readers, but now even so-called educated people are using it. why, I even heard it used on *gasp* npr just the other day. the word is regardless, people, re-gard-less. see the -less in there? newsflash: using the ir- prefix and -less suffix in a single word is not only redundant, it’s stupid. i will admit that at times i have horrible grammar and my spelling is abysmal, but at least i’m butchering the correct words. please. stop the madness!


Ah, these stupid prefixes! They add them and omit them in the daftest of ways. To quote Strunk and White: "unless your concern is the safety of children and illiterates, use inflammable."

But my biggest pet peeve in the abuse of the Englisch tongue (not that I have anything against the abuse of England herself - give my my helmet and my Stuka!) is the non-word "snuck."

Now, we can all imagine Snuck Calliopetwister as a petite petty criminal in some Dickens book, but the proper past tense of sneak is "sneaked."

C'mon people! Give a 110% on mastering the basic fundamentals of speech! Don't use no double negatives!



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