second only to this coolest thing!


the smocklings favorite flick right now is roald dahl's matilda. i absolutely love ms. agatha trunchbull, perfectly portrayed by pam ferris -- whom danny devito chose to employ in another summa mama guilty pleasure [which we do not recommend] entitled death to smoochy.

i love ms. trunchbull because she has such a deliciously bad attitude -- "i cannot for the life of me understand why small children take so long to grow up. i think they do it deliberately, just to annoy me!" -- and really great insults "she's a wart. a carbuncle. a festering pool of ooze." she throws around wonderful words like "putrescent" and "pissworm" and, heaven help me, it just makes me giggle.

of course, this from a momma who a few years back, in order to curb her potty mouth, resolved to curse using only bard worthy barbs (read: elizabethan english). it was actually quite fun while it lasted and i'm even considering taking up the resolution again since i found this awesome little jewel: the shakespearean insulter. enjoy!



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