the cell phone madness continues

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something i didn't mention on the last cell phone rant because, well frankly i didn't think of it until today when it actually happened ... to me!

have you ever noticed that when you're chatting via cell phone that if another call comes in and the person puts you on hold, what you're really doing is waiting to see if you are call worthy? i mean, if whomever you're chatting with comes back and says, "hey, let me call you back" aren't they really just telling you um, sorry hon, but you aren't as important to me as this other caller? it's like being back in middle school and being told you can't sit next to the cool kids during lunch. even if your friend says something like "i really need to take this call" in an attempt to at least make the other call appear urgent, you're still getting the brush off. . .and losing the popularity contest all in one call. bummer.


See, that's that old call waiting thing that I hated so so so much. I have a dear friend who had it, and everytime we were talking, she had to put me on hold to see who else was ringing her--and she was a grandmother without primary care for anyone but herself. And still we couldn't have a chat without her making sure there wasn't some emergency that she had to deal with.

There never was--but 2 or 3 times during every conversation, there was an interruption so she could "check who that was". We had a long discussion about call waiting one day while we were walking, but I failed to convince her it was rude.

We've somehow bought into the idea that we have to be reachable 24/7 by eveyrone, all the time.

I am reachable to my mom 24/7, when my dad is traveling. I have to be. Everyone else can wait until I'm finished with what I'm doing.

that's cuz you're so classy, mamaT.

The worst is interupting people to check call waiting! I hate doing that, it feels so mean. And then you have to interupt the person who just called to tell them to hang on while you switch back to the other person. Then you've completely forgotten what you were talking about and your train of thought. Sheesh. I'm a big fan of voicemail. Except that when you ignore an incoming call you have to endure the beeps.

That was a nice vent.



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