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barry man - and i use that term loosely - ilow has cancelled his appearance on the "the view" because he's afraid of the somewhat conservative co-hostess, elisabeth hasselbeck. apparently man - and i still use that term loosely - ilow said that ms. hasselbeck is, and i'm quoting here, "dangerous."


Well, I suppose if the somewhat ditzy Ms. Hasselbeck is "dangerous", then I must be so ferociously dangerous that I should be put out of my misery pre-emptively. Lordy, Lordy. This drives me nuts.

God forbid he should ever sit with someone who doesn't share his views.

What happened to "toleration"--the giant watchword of the media crews? Oh, yeah, I forgot, THAT only works one way.

Sorry, my cynicism is showing.

What a scream. :)
That 'toleration' business is pretty nebulous. Isn't that convenient...

(then again, maybe she's doing something right when some people would find her 'dangerous.'This says a lot more about Barry than it does about Elisabeth.)

Dennis Miller humorously referred to him as "Barely Man-enough" on O'Reilly's show. Later he said something like, "if Mandy can't handle Hasselbeck...".

Eventually the left will be so thenthitive that we will be able to overcome them with a glance. For the more stubborn types, a whiff of tobacco smoke or perfume will knock them to their knees, gasping. Then you can look them in the eyes and, without blinking, say, "I eat veal." That will do them in. Perhaps I need to go looking for land for my survivalist compound this weekend.

Hi! This piece made me wince a bit, I confess. I'm not sure I would want to appear on The View, either ... for the opposite reason (They'd probably try to smash my crucifix.)

We love Barry Manilow at our house. I used to sing it to my two-year-old to get him to sleep. "I Can't Smile Without You" was always a big hit at our house (it sent him to Dreamland with a Smile.)

Sorry if this comes through twice... I tried to send it earlier, but my computer freaked. (I guess it's not a BM fan, either.)

Have a great day!



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