a midnight snack in the smockmaison

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this is what happens when a two year old decides to make himself a "little something" after everyone else has gone to bed.


He's all boy!! What is it about men and giant bowls of cereal??

That's my boy!!!

Smooch to him, for being smart enough to actually get it in in a bowl and not wandering around dripping it through the house behind him.

What a guy!

Yikes! I'm glad we haven't got to the stage yet where Isabella fixes herself food. I'm not ready for that yet.

...and yes, mamaT, that *is* donovan. =0)

What a smart kid. I usually just have refill my smaller bowl 3-4 times when I could just make me one of those.

brings back memories - except my kids would be drooling about the bright colored cereal (they only got that stuff at their friends, or in their Christmas stockings.....)
Just wait until they decide to bring you breakfast in bed!

oh, ms. alicia, we get "breakfast in bed" almost every day. a'course, it's not *our* breakfast, but rather pop tart, waffle, or cereal crumbs that the boys leave behind. ah, one of the more delicious joys of sharing a family bed!



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