That D Word!

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....Discipline, you know. The self version of which I am sorely lacking. And something that I always, but always need to work on.

The holidays were fun, but way more spendy than we had intended. You know, a case of "Oh, I need to get a little something for XYZ. That'd be cute!" And another bit of $$ on the card or out of the account.

So, over those same holidays, after the feasting and such had abated, PapaC and I began to discuss how we might approach our spending in the new year. The fact that Lent hits so early this year made it easy for us to tie right into what we wanted to do during Lent anyway.

So, we made the decision to try to buy NOTHING that was not NECESSARY for the first three months of 2008. We're trying to buy gas and groceries, and whatever few other things must be purchased. But no new clothes, no eating out, no movies (unless we're using our Christmas gift certificates), no nada.

We've got a few birthdays during that time, so there will be a few fun purchases. But it's limited to those specifically intended occasions. Even in the grocery store I'm trying to buy the minimum of what will keep us happy (and away from the restaurants and fast food joints) while using up what's already in the freezer.

Let me tell you something. This isn't easy! I am used to dropping a few bucks here and a few bucks there, without even thinking about it. And though I've never considered myself a real frugal genius (though I was, back in the day when I had to be), I didn't realize just how much money sort of leaked away.

I'll let you know how it goes.


There is a woman with a whole site about this kind of thing. Here it is -

I wouldn't live with buying nothing right now, cause i'm all about the cute boy stuff at the moment (even if I had saved clothing, it would be the wrong season). Yay for McCart Thrift.

Keep us posted on how well this goes. We're trying this here but have already failed. We were too strict I think and need to go out for meals from time to time because we work at home. We do get out for walks and to the gym.



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