That New Year's Resolution Thing

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I know, I know. It has become all so popular: "I just don't make New Year's Resolutions. Silly custom. None of them ever got kept."

Well, bah humbug.

I still make 'em. Some of 'em I made years ago I am still keeping. I still smile at the people who are checking out my groceries or my stuff at Walgreen's. I am (almost) always pleasant to those service workers (is that a politically correct term, or what?) who are making my latte, getting my dry cleaning or ringing up my purchase. That was a New Year's resolution from years ago.

I also always take back my grocery cart to the place where you're supposed to drop 'em off. Hey, I'm paying a gym to go walk on a treadmill, but I can't take the cart a few steps back to the right place? What's up with that.

I try to write, or email, one quick note a month to someone who has done something nice for me.

I try very hard to SAY OUT LOUD the words "I love you" to those people I love. Even when it surprises them.

All those things make the world nicer. All those things were resolutions at one time. Practiced, worked on. They changed me. And they changed me for the better.

So, yeah, I believe in the resolution. The fact that they aren't always successful doesn't, in my opinion, give us the luxury to quit making them. Sometimes, we just might succeed.

There are levels upon levels of resolutions. I make low level resolutions:

1. I will keep my food diary.
2. I will go to the gym 3 times per week.
3. I will make myself go to bed and TURN OUT THE LIGHT at a time that will let me get 7 hours of sleep of night.

These kinds of resolutions are good habits I want to put into place for my physical well-being. I've lost 30 pounds or so in the last months. I feel better. I want to continue the process. But I'm past the point, at soon-to-be-52, of telling myself how much weight I want to lose this year, or what size I want to be. I want to be healthy. I want to feel good. The rest will follow, or not, as it will.

Then I make a sort of "mid-level" resolution. I make a resolution about how I want to act toward people. And I try very hard to make this something practical to do--not some high-flying all-holy idea about how I want to be (I'll make those resolutions in a minute!). So, for this year, my mid-level resolution is:

I want to extend the hospitality of my home and table to others 2 times a month. I want to invite people over for supper, or for games and snacks, or for a movie and popcorn, a couple of times a month. We are so fragmented. Most people don't entertain at home. My home is not big, and it's certainly not fancy. But I want it to be warm, welcoming, homey to those who need a place like that. But it won't be, unless I make a goal, to begin with, of getting out of my rut and getting people in the door and around the table.

And then, of course, I always make those "high-level" resolutions:

Lord, make me holy. Or at least, Lord make me want to be holy. Lord, make me quick to forgive and pardon, because it's the least I can do, when I've been forgiven so much. Let me not dwell on people's worst traits, often the ones easiest for me to see, given the cynic and wretch I am. Let me see them as you see them, and cherish that which is good. And please, oh please, let me do the work you have put in front of me to do. With grace. With joy. Without fear.

Happy New Year, ya'll!


Happy New Year to the Summa Mamas!
Mwah and clink clink of the pomtini glass!

Happy New Year to the Summa Mamas!
Mwah and clink clink of the pomtini glass!

Amen! We believe in resolutions over here too. We've made them a family tradition. Every 1/1 we sit down together and fill out a sheet with the following:

Something I want to get better at, with God’s help:
A new place I would like to go:
Some things I would like to learn:
A bad habit I would like to break:
A good habit I would like to form:
I would like to read _______ books.

It's always fun to read last year's and share our hopes for the coming year. It's getting even more fun now that the girls can make up their own instead of needing us to guide them (i.e. the year our baby resolved to learn to pee on the potty, LOL).

My good habit for this year is much like yours...I want to keep my house in a state of tidiness so that I am not hesitant to ask people over on short notice. I've never been one to let clutter keep me from people, but I know it would be much easier for all of us to feel hospitable if we dealt with clutter in a timely manner. ;) So I guess I'm going to have to stop deleting those FlyLady emails. ;)

Happy New Year!

I love your prayer.

Congrats on losing those 30 lbs. Super great!

I am not resolving to do anything.

But I am going to try to do something fun....

cook a new recipe every week.

I have so many wonderful cookbooks that I never try. Well, I am going to try this year!

Doesn't that sound like fun?

30 lbs! i can't wait to see you.

my only resolution this year is to not complain, i think it will take all my willpower so i didn't even make any others. I do love resolutions though.

Donna, it does sound fun! And I hope you post what you like on your blog!

Marsha, you'll have lost a bunch of weight when I see you next, but you'll have something to SHOW for it!!!! Woo hoo!!

KM: Mwah back to you, too! And be sure to let me know when apron day is. I'll proudly wear mine!

Julie: What a good idea! And I'm gonna have to do some cleaning before I can do my resolution, too! I'll be thinking of you!

Grats on losing 30 lbs. That hard work is paying off-you look great!
Now if we could just stay well long enough to be able to enjoy the new year that would be nice enough for a start!
Happy New Year!



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