welcome to the new millineum, smock

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that's the smock's nano, but not her hand.

did i mention that for christmas i finally received an ipod nano? remember when mamaT was so excited last year because she finally got an mp3 player? well, i was an even later bloomer than she! anyway, now that i have an itunes account, i'm trying to fill the pod. any suggestions?


John Michael Talbot. Fernando Ortega. Show tunes, all kinds. Alan Sherman, because he's funny even though you're not old enough to remember him in person. Michael Card. Anything you loved in high school. Connie Dover(Celtic stuff). Gordon Lightfoot if you like melancholy. Early John Denver. Brainstorm with a few friends and then hunt for the stuff. It is SO freeing to be able to buy only the song you love!

thanks so much. and, btb, i've known it's fabulous to buy only one song at a time since casingles ... YIKES! remember those?

i think you should fill it with rad songs from the 80's

I don't know your musical taste, but check out Rich Mullins. His greatest hits are compiled on "Songs" and "Songs II" and you can pick and choose through those. I love his work.

If you browse through the 30 second clips, check out "If I Stand," "Let Mercy Lead" and "Hold Me Jesus" for a sense of how his music works.

so far, the pod's full of coolmoe 80s and 90s dance-tronica and an eclectic opera, soundtrack and show tune mix! whoop! whoop!



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