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this is the video to the theme song for one of my favorite "relationflick" films, closer, entitled the blower's daughter. if you aren't familiar with the movie, i'll just say that it is a very disturbing, underbelly sort of look at what sometimes passes for love and commitment in our jaded society. it stars three of my top ten actors: julia roberts, natalie portman and clive owen. jude law's in the flick, too, offering a terrific portrayal of one pitiable little dude. i think of closer as a who's afraid of virginia woolf? of the '90s. now, while closer is one of my "relationflick" faves, i'm not offering an endorsement of it here. it's rated r for sequences of graphic sexual dialogue, nudity/sexuality and language. in other words, this is one adult film. if you're looking for a beautiful downer, i do highly recommend the original edward albee's who's afraid of virginia woolf? -- my absolute all-time favorite relationflick.

but, back to the video. this rather elusive song which embodies the entire flow of the film (it's probably one of the most appropriate theme song ever chosen) is only downloadable as a live version on itunes, so i hafta "watch it" on youtube to hear it in all of its glory, so to speak. here i've included the version that does not contain clips of the movie. there is another video of the song at, the final version, that does contain film clips, just fyi. for the record, i'm not what you would call a damien rice fan, in fact, most of his other songs are just plain weird to me, but this particular song moved me to tears about the first ... oh, let's say ... one hundred times that i listened to it. if it doesn't evoke some emotion in you, i daresay you need to check yourself for a pulse, my friend. by the by, if you are going to listen, please invest the four minutes and forty-eight seconds that this video takes, making sure that you listen to the song until the very last line.

unrequited love? lost love? discovering that your lover is, after all, entirely human? i'm not sure what it means really, but it is totally emo and excruciatingly beautiful. in a word, haunting. enjoy.


I remember when this came out, it was at the theater I worked in but I never watched it. Well, not the whole thing, bits and pieces when I had a minute. Is it worth renting? We do netflix so movie suggestions are always welcomed to keep my queue filled up.

i certainly wouldn't have it on if the children were at home or likely to be within earshot. it's a very grown up movie and a real tear-jerker. there isn't any more nudity than you would get in today's magazine adverts, but there is a lot of very adult language and implied ... stuff.

Well, that speaks to the differences between us! I just thought Who's Afraid.... was too depressing to bear. Bleah.



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