Critics' Choice of 2007

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After they publish the 10 most redeeming movie list, the folks at Christianity Today publish their Critics' Choice list for the year.

Here's what they say about these:

Our Critics' Choice list, on the other hand, consists of the 10 films that our panel believes were the most excellent films of 2007, whether they carried a redeeming message or not—though five of our top 10 choices also appeared on our Most Redeeming list. But all of the movies here are films of excellence, and many are up for various honors at the upcoming Academy Awards.

They are often gutsy. They get a lot of flack for some of their choices. Here's their list for 2007:

1. Juno
2. There Will Be Blood
3. Atonement
4. Lars and the Real Girl
5. Ratatouille
6. No Country for Old Men
7. Hairspray
8. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
9. Zodiac
10. Into Great Silence

The ones that got away:

Amazing Grace
Cave of the Yellow Dog
Gone Baby Gone
In the Shadow of the Moon
Into the Wild
The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
The Lives of Others
Sweeney Todd

There you have it. That, in conjunction with the Smock's rundown of the movies of last year------well, just don't blame us if you can't find something for your Netflix list!


the great debaters? helloooooooooooo



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