Pretty Shoe Tuesday

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If I actually lived where it rained enough to make a difference, or if I could bestir myself to garden (I never do!), this is what I would want to wear. If I bought 'em, do you think it would make me want to garden? I didn't think so.


Or look, Smock! Your worst nightmare! Boots with vegetables on them!


But since sun is what we have to deal with most, I always end up looking at sandals. How 'bout these cute little numbers? I think they're smashing!



Terry, can you really wear shoes like the sandals that have no arch support at all? And they don't cover anything - you'd have to spend half your time fussing over your feet with nail files and pumice stones. At least, I'd have to. If I were you I'd go for something that didn't give such a wide-angle view of my middle-aged feet.

Elinor, yes I'm lucky! I can wear (so far!) just any old thing on my feet. Unless I'm walking for hours and hours and hours.

And down here, it's so darn HOT in the summer, that middle aged feet or not (and mine are definitely that!), we tend to just let 'em hang out in all their glory! Otherwise our shoes would just be pools of dampness.



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