What? Lent starts tomorrow?

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......sigh. Of course I already knew that, but it still shocks me somehow. I'm not ready. I'm not prepared. I haven't made my plans.

But, in a way, I think that that may not be much of a problem. I have had excellent Lents where I didn't plan much at all, and Lents that I planned that turned out to be less edifying than I expected, especially given all the work that I was doing.

It has been a stressful year for me. For both the Summa Mamas, really, in different ways. When Smock asked me last night what was I giving up or taking on, I looked at her and said, "I don't think there's much else I can take on at this point. I am about at my limit."

And I don't think I've ever spoken truer words.

I feel stretched to the max. Beyond the max, actually, but all with things that cannot be given up or passed on to others. At this point in my life they are mine to carry.

So perhaps, for me, this Lent needs to be about opening a space for God in my heart, mind and SCHEDULE. That last is sometimes the hardest.

So I'm not taking on an extra penance. I am going to try to bear my burdens more willingly and cheerfully. I'm going to make a short time every day to go by and make a quick visitation to the church and to our Lord as reserved in the tabernacle. No agenda. Just a quick drop by to say hello. And maybe to hear something in return.

We are lucky at our parish. We have a Lenten series planned every Friday night. We have a quiet day of recollection planned on a Saturday a few weeks from now. I intend to use the opportunities staring me in the face.

And make time for God.

Just that.

Make time.


Interesting. I've been "discussing" this with several people lately. I have a new baby and feel that a new baby causes one to "give up" lots of things...sleep, personal time, sanity! I have wondered if you are required to give something else up on top of all that you sacrifice to grow a brand new human being. The people I've been "discussing" this with feel that the baby is something God has called you to outside of Lent and that more is required to fulfill your Lenten obligation. Although I am giving something else up, I disagree and if my baby was about a month younger I'd probably not bother doing more. I like what you said about bearing the burdens more willingly and cheerfully. Maybe I could not moan and groan at 3am when I have to get up out of my warm and cozy bed! Hope you have a meaningful Lent and a joyful Easter!

I think I disagree with your friends, but I like your idea of not moaning and groaning.

Fruitful Lent to you too Stevie!



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