Fine Art Friday - The Letter I Edition

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I had a hard time with this one. I try not to go with the obvious, but when you get to the letter I there aren't so many choices, and nothing resonated with me more than the obvious choice. So, without further ado, let's look at paintings by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. (And if you want to read a little about him, you can go to his Wikipedia entry here.)

Here's the image I think of first, and she is beautiful:


The Grand Odalisque

And here is another famous one. Ingres obviously was a lover of women's backs--and I agree that they are often one of our best features!

Bathing Woman

He has become most famous, though, for his portraits. At different times in his career, he was reduced to drawing portraits of tourists and diplomatic personnel, because he had no high level commissions. But here is one of his commissioned works. Don't you love her dress?


Portrait of the Princesse De Broglie

This man looks as if he could step out of the painting to me. He's that real.

Louis-Francois Bertin

But then I found these last two images, which are quite lovely, and not mentioned at all in the Wikipedia entry. Don't know why. I think they are beautiful.



The Virgin with the Eucharist

Happy Friday ya'll!


Ingres was one of the artists who helped lure me into majoring in art history. I'm surprised my friends and family didn't start avoiding me (or maybe they did) when I'd corner them with examples of Ingres' work and implore them, "Can't you just feel the fabric?"

"one of our best features!"

among many

I just knew you would say that, Mr. Luse!



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